Soul of Travel: Women's Empowerment and Travel Podcast

Exploring Your Purpose with Lena Papadopoulos

February 01, 2023 Christine Winebrenner Irick, hosted by Lotus Sojourns Season 4 Episode 114
Soul of Travel: Women's Empowerment and Travel Podcast
Exploring Your Purpose with Lena Papadopoulos
Soul of Travel Podcast
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Show Notes

“When you travel, and when you enter a different world and way of being and engaging with people and the world at large, that’s when you really start to question everything that up until then, for you, has been normal.” ​​​​​​~ Lena Papadopoulos

In this episode, Christine hosts a soulful conversation with Lena Papadopoulos, Life Purpose and Leadership Coach and founder of Lena Papadopoulos LLC, where she coaches heart-centered, mission-driven visionaries and changemakers to uncover their personal power and honor their unique gifts so they can live their truth, embody their purpose, and make a positive impact in the world.

With 15 years of experience designing and facilitating intercultural learning, community-building, and leadership development programs, Lena has worked with individuals, schools, non-profits, and social enterprises in 10+ countries. She has won awards for her commitment to personalized experiences and successful efforts in humanizing communities, and she’s been featured by Go Overseas, World Footprints, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and more. Lena has an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a graduate certificate in International Development Studies from the University of Colorado. She also has a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from Clemson University in South Carolina.

Christine and Lena discuss: 

  • Definitions of culture and how they apply to both travel and life
  • Growing up between cultures
  • Cultural conditioning and internalized culture and norms
  • How astrology can help us see ourselves and help us find our purpose
  • Accessing and noticing shifts in your “right-now” purpose
  • Behind-the-curtain look at some of the things Christine loves and how they align with her birth chart and soul purpose

Join Christine now for this soulful conversation with Lena Papadopoulos.

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Credits. Christine Winebrenner Irick (Host, creator, editor). Lena Papadopoulos (Guest). Original music by Clark Adams. Editing, production, and content writing by Carly Oduardo.

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