Soul of Travel: Women's Empowerment and Travel Podcast

Facilitating Transformational Travel with Ivana Damnjanović

March 08, 2023 Christine Winebrenner Irick, hosted by Lotus Sojourns Season 4 Episode 119
Soul of Travel: Women's Empowerment and Travel Podcast
Facilitating Transformational Travel with Ivana Damnjanović
Soul of Travel Podcast
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Show Notes

“The main point of transformational travel, transformational education, is to help people, to guide them, to facilitate them, to get from where they are to where they want to be. ” ​​​​​​~ Ivana Damnjanović

In this episode, Christine hosts a soulful conversation with Ivana Damnjanović, who is an educator, scientist, and writer working in the transformational travel space. Ivana is an Associate Professor at Singidunum University in Serbia. She focuses her professional interests on sustainable tourism, specifically in protected areas, as well as community wellbeing, amplifying the regenerative and transformational potential of tourist experiences through storytelling, wellness through recreation and adventure, and nature-based tourism.

Christine and Ivana discuss:

  • The language of transformational travel
  • How we share transformational travel experiences
  • Ways to bring students and industry professionals into the conversation of transformational travel
  • The role of education in creating a positive ripple effect 
  • How both travel and education are most rewarding as co-created experiences 
  • Passport equity and other barriers keeping folks from physical and academic equity

Join Christine now for this soulful conversation with Ivana Damnjanović.

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Credits. Christine Winebrenner Irick (Host, creator, editor). Ivana Damnjanović (Guest). Original music by Clark Adams. Editing, production, and content writing by Carly Oduardo.

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