Soul of Travel

The Meaning of Travel with Dr. Emily Thomas

April 07, 2021 Season 2 Episode 16
Soul of Travel
The Meaning of Travel with Dr. Emily Thomas
Show Notes

This conversation is delightful. Dr. Emily Thomas of Durham University makes the conversation of the often-heady philosophy accessible and playful. She and Christine explore the parallels between philosophy and travel, and how the fascination with the unknown i the shape that binds them together.

 You will find yourself smiling and nodding, "hmmm" as Dr. Thomas generously invites you into an intellectual, curious playground. Her story of discovering her love of thinking about travel is fascinating to hear. They also discuss the ways women have been misrepresented, or their stories untold, in history, philosophy, and travel. This conversation is about the new story of women stepping into inspired leadership in travel and beyond.

Buy Dr. Emily Thomas' book, The Meaning of Travel: Philosophers Abroad.

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Credits. Christine Winebrenner Irick (Host, creator, editor.) Dr. Emily Thomas (Guest). Original music by Clark Adams. Editing and production by Alex Lee-Ammons and For The Love Media, LLC.

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